Las Vegas Pest Control

Rats carry many diseases and can be harmful if they bite you.

The poor quality of hardware store products being sold to get rid of bugs makes it more important than ever to call for our monthly service.

We offer interior and exterior bug spraying services for homeowners and business.

Many times bug sprays from the hardware store are ineffective on killing cockroaches, so you will need our professional service to eliminate them all.

Due to a larger problem than people are aware of, they generally need to call on our service to eradicate their bug problem.

Many times people have fountains in their yards for decorations, and this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes we can spray for you.

By the time people realize that they are unable to rid their infestation with home remedies or hardware store sprays, the infestation has already grown further.

Whether you have rodents, bugs, spiders, or scorpions, we can spray away your problems.

Leaving windows and doors open without screens or storm doors attracts pest.

Our local exterminators can handle all of your bug and rodent problems with our affordable services.

Bathrooms and kitchen areas are often times prone to ants and insect infestations, due to the moisture they have in them.

Taking your trash out daily will eliminate the potential of bugs being attracted to the garbage in the house.

We offer commercial extermination services for restaurants and office buildings.

Never let a bed bug problem get out of hand, call us before the problem gets worse.

Garages are perfect places for insects and rodents to live, so it is best to prevent this with regular cleaning and keeping trash to a minimum.

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